French troops attempt a counter attack against Vietminh soldiers occupying foxholes on the outskirts of the French fortifications at Dien Bien Phu.

This is quite a spectacular picture and I feel that there are some observations that needs to be done. First of all, those are not foxholes but trenches. The Viet Minh dug trenches all the way to the very outskirts of Dien Bien Phu which they used to not only conceal themselves but also to gain tactical momentum and surprise. The Viet Minh were known for being masters of camouflage during the First Indochina War and we can clearly see this by the improvised foliage camouflage that the two Viet Minh soldiers have put on their helmets.
There are also some reservations I have regarding the photograph, knowing that there were several photographs taken after the battle (alongside footage) which was meant to recreate the battle for propaganda. If this is one of them then at least it keeps itself to actual conditions.


A group of Irish volunteers pose inside the General Post Office during the Easter Rising, in 1916. Aiming to sever Ireland from British rule, the Volunteers, and other nationalist groups, organized the uprising, centered in Dublin, which was launched on Easter Monday, 1916.

Massively outnumbered by the British authorities, the insurgents were defeated over the next few days of urban fighting, and much of the leadership either executed or imprisoned.

(Irish Military Archives)

Title: Na Na Nah! (Feat. Timbuktu)
Artist: Movits!
Played: 1893 times


Pictured in the spring of 1911, around the time of their victory at Ciudad Juárez, Leonides Corral was a leader in Pancho Villas revolutionary group, the Villistas.

(Fototeca Nacional del INAH)

L’Atelier de Picasso [Picasso’s Studio] Rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris 6e, May 9, 1944 From Brassaï, Paris


This store owned by a man of Japanese ancestry is closed following evacuation orders in Oakland, California, in April of 1942. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the owner had placed the “I Am An American” sign in the store front window.”


"And I believe we need heroes, I believe we need certain people who we can measure our own shortcomings by."

- Richard Attenborough (1923 - 2014).