Following the Suez Crisis in 1956, the UN Emergency Force was established in the Sinai and Gaza, originally to oversee the withdrawal of forces, and then to remain as observers in the region for the next decade.

The commander of UNEF in 1967 was Maj. Gen. Indar Jit Rikhye of the Indian Army, seen here front left. Early that year Egypt ordered the observer force to leave, which was mostly completed by late May, as part of its move to build up forces on the peninsula. A week after UNEF was ordered out, the Straits of Tiran were closed. Although some question whether Nasser intended quite so forceful a message, both moves were viewed by Israel as direct preludes to all out war.


The aftermath of the Suez Crisis gave the world the first and proper UN Peacekeeping Force in the history of the UN. Among the things introduced for the first time, the blue UN helmet made its first appearance during this particular engagement due to the fact that the Canadian soldiers that were part of the UNEF were equipped with uniforms almost identical to the British soldiers who had fought in the crisis and there were fears that the Canadian soldiers would be mistaken for British soldiers by civilians and Egyptian soldiers.

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An ARVN Ranger unit in Saigon about a week into the Tet uprisings.