Jackson Pollock at work, 1945.


"Co. C, 110th Pennsylvania Infantry after battle of Fredericksburg, Va.’



"What is LOST?"

This was the $1,600 clue in the category Im-pastors on Jeopardy show #6873, which aired July 2, 2014. Contestant Christi Esterle answered correctly, and went on to win the game.

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German infantry advance during the initial push of August, 1914. The German war plan hoped for a knock out punch through Belgium, bypassing the direct route into France. The exacting timetables of the invasion plan soon met the realities of war, first with the stout Belgian resistance, and then the fighting retreat of the British following their delaying action at Mons. The German attack would be stopped at the Marne in early September, and further combat would stagnate into trench warfare, with the opposing lines extending out to the sea in a futile attempt to turn the flank.


Stan Lee’s cameo in The Winter Soldier.